Why SEO Strategies Must Constantly Change – Views of an Adelaide SEO Consultant

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, then you probably have some concept of what SEO is. If you don’t, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, it’s the process through which a business makes their website more appealing to a larger variety of search terms. The basic idea is that by utilizing SEO tactics, a website is more likely to not only show up when someone searches for specific terms, but is more likely to show up higher on the list.

There are good reasons for the use of SEO. The main reason is that studies have provenAdelaide-SEO-Consultants-300x199.jpg that people are unlikely to click on search engine links further down the page. Most people never even consider looking at the second page and beyond. When they do a Google or a Bing search, they simply click on the first few links and find whatever information they need in that manner. Due to this, it’s incredibly worthwhile for a company to ensure that their website gets placed as high on the search list for as many different search terms as possible. Otherwise, there’s a very good chance that no one will ever see their website at all!

However, the internet is a constantly changing place, and so SEO tactics must also change. At one time, the tactic of keyword stuffing was incredibly useful. Keyword stuffing is when a website has a huge number of different words, specific to certain search terms. They “stuff” the keyword into various parts of the website, in an attempt to make the search engines more likely to bring up their website instead of others. However, Google has recently implemented new algorithms in order to avoid having that tactic work. It’s still worthwhile to utilize keywords, but keywords are no longer as worthwhile as they once were.

Similarly, it used to be quite easy to get something to go viral. But much like search engines themselves, social media has changed over the years. These days, it’s much more difficult to get something to go viral. This means it’s that much more difficult to ensure that people will see it.

For these reasons, it’s incredibly important that a person learn a variety of SEO tactics. A particular tactic may be incredibly useful right now, but who knows how the internet will change in a few months. Google could change how they do their searches, or some brand new social media website could pop up, rendering old social media tactics completely useless.

Without constantly being willing to change and update one’s SEO tactics, one will quickly find their website losing followers. People will be going to other websites that are more likely to show up on search engine searches, and less likely to go to the one site that they simply don’t see as often. So if you’re trying to ensure your site is seen and your SEO tactics are solid, make sure you’re updating your tactics with the times. Otherwise, you could find yourself up a creek without a paddle.

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